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Latin Club Tshirt Contest

It is time to design the t-shirt for LatinCon!  This is always a highlight of the school year for the Milton Latin program, as we design a clever shirt to show off our classical knowledge and prove to the other Latin programs around the state how much cooler we are!  Examples of past shirts are below – there are no rules about what makes a good design, but we will have a meeting in February to vote on the one we like best.  Rev those creative energies and show off your Latin chops!  The winner gets a free t-shirt and the glory of victory!

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MJCL Scavenger Hunt Wednesday!

On Wednesday, January 20th the Milton Junior Classical League will be hosting its third annual Scavenger Hunt!  Classically-based clues will be hidden around the school and teams of Latin students will be competing to find them all and get back to the Latin classroom first.  Teams are limited to two members per team although individual competition is permitted.  All teams must register by 3:55 on Wednesday, January 20th in room 5208, because the race begins at 4!  There are a variety of prizes available, but most importantly we compete for GLORY!  See you in the carceres, racers!

Congratulations Consuls!

Congratulations to Cassandra and Rithwik, our new publicity and spirit consuls, respectively.  The new consuls will be leading the charge in our first social event of 2016 – the MJCL scavenger hunt.  Teams of two will compete in celerity and cleverness as they find classically-themed hints around the school in a race for glory and crustula!  Team must register between 3:45 and 3:55 on Wednesday, January 20th in room 5208.  The race begins at 4pm!

2016 is looking like an exciting year for the Milton Junior Classical League!  There are a lot of great activities coming up for the club like the scavenger hunt and the LAN party as well as the National Latin exam in March and LatinCON in April.  National Latin Honor Society will be offering its Tuesday morning peer tutoring sessions and will have inductions at the MJCL End of the Year Banquet in May.  We can’t wait to see all the awesome things the club will accomplish this year.  See everyone Wednesday for the first Certamen practice after school at 3:45pm in room 5208.

We will have a Latin Club Officer meeting at 7:50 am on Tuesday, January 12th to discuss openings in the consul position as well as to create the social calendar for Spring 2016.

Saturnalia Holiday Party December 9th

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Latin Club Movie Night – Thursday, November 12th

Latin Club's 2015 MovieWelcome one and all to the annual Latin Club Movie Night, which will be in room 5208 at 4:15pm on Thursday, November 14th. We will be watching Gladiator – the 2000 Best Picture Oscar winner starting Russell Crowe.  Join us for the gore and revenge as Maximus fights his way from the brink of perdition to shake the very foundation of the Roman Empire! Drinks, candy and popcorn will all be provided by the Latin club for your viewing enjoyment.  Certamen will be played from 3:45 to 4:15 to prepared for the Eastside tournament this weekend.                        Cinema Romana LIVES!

Latin Costume Contest

It is Halloween and time for the annual Milton Latin Costume Contest!  Latin II and III students each dressed as either Odysseus, Calypso or Scylla and Charybdis.  Students were limited to a $25 budget and the focus was on hand-crafting their equipment.  The costumes are tied to the National Junior Classical League costume contest.  Hopefully we will see these costumes again at state convention and in Indiana this summer for Nationals!  A special congratulations to Jack, who won the costume contest for all levels!

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Milton Latin Float wins HoCo Parade

HoCo2015Congratulations to Milton’s Latin Club, which won “Best Overall Float” at the 2015 Milton High School Homecoming parade.  The year’s theme was the “S.S. Milton” so MJCL borrowed, decorated and rocked out on a boat to celebrate the awesomeness that is the classical world. Seas the day!HoCo Trophy


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