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End of the Year Banquet and Graduation

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The Milton Junior Classical League was proud to host its first annual End of the Year Banquet at the Olive Garden on Holcomb Bridge Road!  It has been a great year for the members of the league and we want to recognize all the accomplishments, including:

Latin Student of the Year: I – Connor Kreitz; II – McKenzie Maloney; III – Harsh Jain; AP – Cole Mabery

National Latin Exam Award Winners: 23 Milton students were medal winners on the NLE – 14 were gold!

GJCL State Convention Winners: Milton took 3rd by points per student in the medium division!

National Latin Honor Society Inductees: Welcome – Jenna Raad, McKenzie Maloney and Alex Kreitz!

Finally, a big congratulations to the graduating seniors, here’s to success in college – bona fortuna!

Now let’s see what we can accomplish next year!

Milton gets 3rd at LatinCON!!!

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The Milton Junior Classical league headed to the GA LatinCON April 17-19th.  There was fun, competition, togas and mini-golf!  Milton students earned enough points in the sweepstakes to win 3rd place in the medium division (by average points per student).  Congratulations Eagles!


Click on the link below.   Select level in the top yellow oval

Select 20 questions.  Answer questions – get all 20 right and get a crustula!

Retake as many times as needed


NLE Vocabulary

Study Guide for Latin 2 National Latin Exam

Study Guide for Latin 1 National Latin Exam

Study Guide for Latin 3 National Latin Exam


285402-489588773_cbb22c0624Nota Bene (N.B. – note well!)

please email all

power point presentations

of research to:

due by beginning of class Monday!

Italy Trip 2015

130 days till Milton Latin leaves for Italy!

Milton Latin Italy 2015 Rooming Meeting

Front of Your Design

Welcome back!

It is 2015 and Milton Latin is having its best year ever!  Here is what is going on:

Certamen practices – B flex/after school Wednesday,  D flex Friday, if you need a pass let me know

Latin Club Lupercalia Latin Party Wednesday, February 11th, 4pm
National Latin Exam – Thursday, March 5th
State Convention – April 17-19th at Rock Eagle
National Latin Honor Society Inductions – February (exact date TBD)



Latin Club Saturnalia (Holiday) Party

IMG_20141210_170333saturnalia_2014In Ancient Rome the citizens would celebrate the winter solstice, the shortest night of the year, with a celebration of gift-giving and feasting in honor of the primordial god Saturn.  Many of the traditions of the Saturnalia continue today with holidays such as Christmas.  Come and join the Latin club as we celebrate the holiday tradition of gift giving with our Saturnalia Party on December 10th!  As a special treat we will be celebrating the erudition and sagacity of the Latin language with the dirty Gauls and the barbaric Iberians!  Help us bring civilization to the savages!


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