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Saturnalia Holiday Party December 9th

Every year in December the ancient Romans would celebrate a festival in honor of the Titan Saturn – the Saturnalia!  Romans would exchange gifts and celebrate their friends and family.  On December 9th the Milton Latin Club will be continuing this ancient tradition with the MJCL Saturnalia Party.  There will be a white elephant gift exchange ($10 or less) toga twister, and Cards against Humanity.  Arnold Palmer, cookies, candy and colas will all be provided.  The ancient Roman traditions of munera – gladiator combat!!! – will also be enjoyed. Come and join the fun and the festivities!

Latin Club Movie Night – Thursday, November 12th

Latin Club's 2015 MovieWelcome one and all to the annual Latin Club Movie Night, which will be in room 5208 at 4:15pm on Thursday, November 14th. We will be watching Gladiator – the 2000 Best Picture Oscar winner starting Russell Crowe.  Join us for the gore and revenge as Maximus fights his way from the brink of perdition to shake the very foundation of the Roman Empire! Drinks, candy and popcorn will all be provided by the Latin club for your viewing enjoyment.  Certamen will be played from 3:45 to 4:15 to prepared for the Eastside tournament this weekend.                        Cinema Romana LIVES!

Latin Costume Contest

It is Halloween and time for the annual Milton Latin Costume Contest!  Latin II and III students each dressed as either Odysseus, Calypso or Scylla and Charybdis.  Students were limited to a $25 budget and the focus was on hand-crafting their equipment.  The costumes are tied to the National Junior Classical League costume contest.  Hopefully we will see these costumes again at state convention and in Indiana this summer for Nationals!  A special congratulations to Jack, who won the costume contest for all levels!

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Milton Latin Float wins HoCo Parade

HoCo2015Congratulations to Milton’s Latin Club, which won “Best Overall Float” at the 2015 Milton High School Homecoming parade.  The year’s theme was the “S.S. Milton” so MJCL borrowed, decorated and rocked out on a boat to celebrate the awesomeness that is the classical world. Seas the day!HoCo Trophy

Homecoming Parade – Friday, October 23rd!

IMG_20121019_171358The Latin Club is preparing their float for this year’s homecoming parade, and we will be showing it off in full regalia on Friday, October 23rd!  The theme for the parade this year is “S.S. Milton” so we are preparing a nautically themed assault on Milton Spirit, like the Roman victory at the Aegates Island (ending the 1st Punic War!).  All Latin Club members are invited, and there will be a LOT of candy to throw at the children who attend each year.

Latin Club will be meeting in Braeburn on McFarlin Road (behind Olde Blind Dog) at 4:30 to get serious about decorating and putting the finishing touches.  Students who come early can early National Latin Honor Society hours and eat candy!  The parade begins at 6pm sharp and ends in front of the stadium.

Ubi Concordia – Ibi Victoria!

Fall Forum October 10th at Blessed Trinity High School

Fall Forum Schedule 2015The Georgia Junior Classical League is having its first state-wide event of the year – the GJCL Fall Forum.  The Fall Forum is hosted by Blessed Trinity High School this year, and it is on Saturday, October 10th, beginning at 8:45 am.  There are innumerable awesome things to do at Fall Forum: Ultimate Frisbee, Gladiatorial Combat, Workshops on Roman Dancing and Insults, Volleyball, and, of course, CERTAMEN.  This is a great opportunity to meet (and defeat!) Latin students from all over the state.  The cost is $15 and includes lunch (vegetarian options are available) – be there or be Gallic!

Fall Forum Frequently Asked Questions

Latin Club Selfie Scavenger Hunt – September 23rd

jcl_logo milton colorsThe Milton Junior Classical League is sponsoring its bi-annual Selfie Scavenger hunt on Wednesday, September 23rd at 4pm.  The twice-a-year race is an hour long cavalcade of fun and frivolity as teams of two compete to solve riddles and take selfies in front of the puzzle solutions!  Teams need to meet in room 5208 at 3:45pm to register, and the competition begins promptly at 4pm.  This is a Latin Club event, so only Latin Club members in good standing can participate.  Prizes include MJCL swag and CRUSTULA!!!

Bring your camera phone and your best Latin compatriot and join the fun!


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