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AP Latin/4H Summer Work

Salvete Omnes!

I hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying some time away from their studies.  Just as a reminder for anyone in AP Latin and Latin 4 Honors – we will have a test on Julius Caesar’s De Bello Gallico at the end of August.  The test is open note.  You summer work, therefore, is to read De Bello Gallico in English (!) and take notes about the text.  Be especially careful to know the context and importance of the proper nouns throughout – especially Caesar’s lieutenants and the various Gallic tribes.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in August.  Until then, get out there and have some fun!


Alex Marsh

Congratulations to the New Officers!

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Latin Club Executive Board:Eagle M Red TEXT

Imperator – Luke Maran

Publicity Consul – Niraj Jinan

*Spirit Consul – RJ Price-Richardson (subject to change)

Certamen Co-Chairs: Cassandra Lund and Rithwik Koppaka

Class officers will be selected at the beginning of next year.

CONGRATULATIONS!  Please email Mr. Marsh so we can get started on making 2016-2017 the best year for Milton Latin Club EVER!

Latina Aquila Banquet!

Congratulations to the participants of the 2016 Georgia Junior Classical League State Convention (LatinCON)!  Milton Latin was well-represented at the convention, with top-5 places in academic, art and performance contests and a division championship in spirit!

The successes of Milton’s Latin students will be celebrated at the Olive Garden on Holcomb Bridge Road on Monday, May 2nd.  LatinCON, National Latin Exam, Medusa Mythology Exam, National Latin Honor Society and Latin Student of the year will all be recognized.  Dinner starts at 6:30!


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Here’s a breakdown of how Milton did:


Overall sweepstakes points – 5th in the state

Luke Maran 1st Woodworking

Jenna Raad 1st Poster Contest

Luke Maran 2nd Homunculi

Rithwik Koppaka 2nd Roman Daily Life

Rithwik Koppaka 2nd Costume Contest

Isabella Banich 2nd Modern Myth

Rithwik Koppaka 2nd Ancient Geography

Zack Samuels 3rd Costume Contest

Connor Kreitz 3rd Modern Myth

Connor Kreitz 4th Ancient Geography

Brandon Bunn 5th Homunculi

Isabella Banich 5th Jewelry

Genevieve Hackman 5th Ancient Mottos

Caroline Burkes 5th Roman Daily life

Harsh Jain 5th Reading Comprehension: Poetry

LatinCON 2016!!!


The Georgia Junior Classical League State Convention – better known as LatinCON – is right around the corner.  Twenty four Milton students will join 2000 students from all over Georgia to compete in all things Classical: art, vocabulary, drama, history, grammar, even chariot racing!  There is a mandatory meeting on Wednesday for all students attending.  The officers will be reviewing our 45 second introduction at the convention, our plans for the parade, and our cheers for the spirit competition.  Mr. Marsh will be reviewing the schedule, determining who are our political correspondents, explaining our community service project, and arranging the carpools.  It is going to be a busy day, Wednesday, so please be on time.  The morning session is from 7:45 to 8:15, the afternoon session if from 3:45 to 4:15.  Attendees need only attend one session.

Need more information?  Here is the GJCL FAX 2016 All rules and information can be found within.  Enjoy!

LatinCON April 15th-17th

Milton Latin will be attending the Georgia Junior Classical League State Convention (a.k.a. LatinCON!) on April 15th through 17th at the Rock Eagle 4H Center.  Preparations for the three day battle for the Laurel Crown of Latin Awesomeness have already started!


Here is some additional information about the event, including a tentative schedule, medical/media forms, and the rules for the contests:LatinCON FAX

Congratulations, National Latin Exam Participants!

Click on the link below.   Select level in the top yellow oval

Select 20 questions.  Answer questions – get all 20 right and get a crustula!

Retake as many times as needed


NLE Vocabulary

Study Guide for Latin 2 National Latin Exam

Study Guide for Latin 1 National Latin Exam

Study Guide for Latin 3 National Latin Exam


Latin I: Latin I NLE translations    Latin I NLE translations 1

Latin II: Latin II Translation Passages

Latin III: Caesar De Bello Gallico Latin Passages

Caesar De Bello Gallico Translation Notes

Latin Club Bowling Night!

Latin Club Bowling Night


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