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Latin Club Pictures Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 8th at 2:15 pm!

Caesar Selfie Grapes

Latin Club Photo Pass

See Mr. Marsh for passes to get out of 6th period on Wednesday and get your picture taken for the Latin Club’s yearbook page. Swords and togas will be provided!


Dates/locations for remaining Certamen tournaments:


12/9 Eastside Tournament @ Eastside

1/13 Florida/Georgia Tournament @ Northview

2/17 Lupercalia @ Parkview High School 

3/10 Ides of March Tournament @ North Gwinnett 

4/20-22 State Convention @ Rock Eagle!

Latin Club Yearbook Photos

FF2016 part 2When: November 8th, 12:40pm

Where: The Aux Gym

It is time for Milton’s Latin Club to have their picture taken! We will be meeting at 1:40 pm on Wednesday, November 8th in the Auxilary Gym. See you there!


Congratulations to all the Milton Participants in the 2017 GJCL Fall Forum! 750 Latin students from all over the state converged on North Gwinnett High School for eight hours of awesome! Here are our placers!

8th Place – Milton Advanced Certamen Team (Rithwik, Maria, Cassandra, Luke)

6th Place – Milton Novice Certamen Team (Insiya, Brianna, Joey)

4th in Sight Reading: Luke Maran
4th in Latin III Language (tie): Grant Benati and Maria Zulfiqar
3rd in Latin III Language: Rithwik Koppaka
3rd in Illustrated Quotation: Maria Zulfiqar
3rd in banner: Milton (banner made by Isabella, Maria, Insiya, Luke, and Sean/Shawn)
2nd in Latin III Translation: Maria Zulfiqar
1st in Latin III Translation: Rithwik Koppaka

fall forum 2017.jpgFALL FORUM INFORMATION


The Certamen Season kicks off this year with the Walton Tournament on Saturday, September 16th. All Latin students are invited to participate in this academic contest for HONOR AND GLORY!!! Here is the 2017-18 GA Certamen Syllabus

And here is a link telling your about the Roman Kings!The Walton Kickoff Certamen.jpg


Burgers were grilled, togas were worn, swords were swung, the 2017 Toga Tailgate was a huge success. Here are some of our favorite photos!

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