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Latin Club Saturnalia (Holiday) Party

IMG_20141210_170333saturnalia_2014In Ancient Rome the citizens would celebrate the winter solstice, the shortest night of the year, with a celebration of gift-giving and feasting in honor of the primordial god Saturn.  Many of the traditions of the Saturnalia continue today with holidays such as Christmas.  Come and join the Latin club as we celebrate the holiday tradition of gift giving with our Saturnalia Party on December 10th!  As a special treat we will be celebrating the erudition and sagacity of the Latin language with the dirty Gauls and the barbaric Iberians!  Help us bring civilization to the savages!

Latin Club Movie Night November 18th @ 4pm


Latin Club Homecoming Float decorations Wed/Thursday at 4pm

Latin IIH and IIIH – Costume contest Friday

Homecoming Parade – meet at 5pm in Braeburn – TOGATOGATOGA

Latin III costumes 13


Fall Forum

Fall Forum, the annual kickoff event of the Georgia Junior Classical League, will be held Saturday, October 25th, 2015 at Northview High School in Duluth, GA. Fall Forum is an excellent time to get a taste of GJCL and whet the taste buds for state convention coming up in April. Students from across the state will meet at Northview to celebrate their love for and knowledge about the Classics, Latin, and Greek.

Some things you can do at fall forum:

  • Certamen
  • Tests
  • Workshops
  • Mythology Improvisation
  • Gladiatorial Combat
  • Oral Latin
  • Latin Dance Moves
  • Roman Food
  • Chariot How To
  • Mt Vesuvius: A reenactment
  • Meet up with old friends from schools across Georgia and make some new ones

This year’s Fall Forum will be held at Northview High School.

Milton Latin Rome Trip

Colosseum IIIMilton Latin is going to ROME this summer!


Two Easy Ways:

1. Phone: 800-665-5364

9-5:30 EST, Monday – Friday

Tour Number: 1431206BX

2. Online:

24hours a day/7 days a week!

Visit the tour website:

Milton Latin Italy 2015

Toga Tailgate and New Officers!


Congratulations to the new class officers for the 2014-2015 school year!

Aediles (Latin I) Jillian and Robert

Quaestors (Latin II) McKenzie and Brandon

Praetor (Latin III) Nick

Propraetor (AP Latin) Danny

The 4th annual Milton Toga Tailgate is coming up on Friday, September 5th! Join the Milton Junior Classical League as we enjoy hotdogs, hamburgers and TOGAS before the football game against Norcross.


Latin Club Kickoff

Officer Elections, Cookies, and Arnold Palmer, oh my!


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